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Month: June 2018

Nicole Burgio – XOXO MoonGirl

On today’s podcast, Nicole Burgio talks about autobiographical piece that explores the trauma of domestic abuse in a troubled home. Using elements of circus arts, dance and music, Nicole revisits a tough time in her life that, through the creation of art, may present a way forward. Stay Tuned.


“I come from a broken home, where chaos, domestic abuse, and fighting was a daily routine. I firmly believe that stories like this need to be told, and they need to happen now. Women’s stories of all kinds need to be heard now more than ever. This is how I’m choosing to use my voice in an era where sexism, bullying, and abuse is rampant. I believe art about tough topics doesn’t have to be grim. It can be uplifting. Bad things happen and they don’t have to define you. This is for the underdogs, the under-heard, and the improbable. “

Those are the words of Nicole Burgio, multidisciplinary artist and creator of Almanac Dance Circus Theatre’s new production, xoxo moongirl.  The autobiographically-inspired circus fantasia, which runs June 26 through 28, 2018 at Christ Church Neighborhood House (20 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA), incorporates breathtaking aerials and acrobatics to tell the story of a girl in a troubled home and her flight to the moon to escape and prevail.




Here is the link to my campaign:


Or if you just want to buy a ticket:


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Simpatico – Red Bike

On today’s podcast, Director Sam Tower and artist Torez Mosley sign on to talk about Simpatico Theatre Project’s production of “RED BIKE” by Caridad Svich. This production is a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. We discuss the process of bringing this piece to life, take a trip to childhood and reminisce about a time in our lives where we were more carefree. Stay Tuned!


So, it’s like this: you’re eleven years old, you live in a small town and the times are dark, as they say. But you have a bike, a bike you love, a bike that makes you dream about a world bigger than the one you live in. One day you take a ride through the outer edges of your town and something goes awry. Let’s call it an accident. Let’s say it causes you to see the world anew. Or maybe it just causes you to see the world for what it truly is.”





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