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Month: August 2016

Riding and writing on a slow train to San Francisco

On today’s podcast, we meet Erlina Ortiz. She is a graduate of Temple University and the Resident Playwright of Power Street Theatre Company. We come to know her because she has been selected as one of the 2016 Amtrak Artist Residency recipients. She will travel the country by train and let the beauty of our nation inspire her next piece. Stay Tuned!

Ortiz prepares to ride the rails. (Photo courtesy of Erlina Ortiz)

About Erlina Ortiz

Erlina Ortiz  is a self-defined “everything” artist, and Power Street is the perfect avenue for her to explore all her different passions in the theater. Erlina graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in theater and a concentration in acting. She began dabbling in playwriting and directing when she started working with Power Street. The company produced two of her full-length plays in 2013 and 2014, and her newest work, She Wore Those Shoes, which addresses military rape culture, will receive a full production at the Iron Factory in October, 2016. As an emerging Latina-American playwright, Erlina’s voice is unique and important to the growing landscape of theatre in America and will only continue to become more relevant.

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Pirate burlesque aboard the tall ship Gazela

On today’s podcast, we are joined by Shoshanna Ruth Green and Cubby Altobelli of burlesque troupe The Seven Deadly Seas for a little scripted “yes, and-ing.” We talk about their upcoming production, The Greater of Two Evils, on the barquentine Gazela, which is once more ready to board after a two-year repair hiatus.

The Seven Deadly Seas set sail with (l to r): Kimberlie Cruse, Cubby Altobelli, Shoshanna Green. (Photo by Hope Corse)

The show, a full-length burlesque play, takes a look at present-day politics through the eyes of real-life pirates Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonney, and Mary Reed. At this theater-in-the-round and under-the-stars experience, our antiheroes drink, fight, sing, and, yes, strip. The Seven Deadly Seas are an offshoot of the much-loved and dearly departed Cabaret Red Light. Proceeds from this show will help support the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild’s efforts to restore and maintain the historic Tall Ship Gazela and Tug Jupiter.

Enjoy this week’s REP Radio podcast.

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